Clothing regulations are only stipulated for lessons in Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance and the Talent Programme.

Almost every item of clothing that we stipulate for the dance-styles mentioned above is available at Pat’s bar, in the chill-room at the dance studio.

Of course we totally understand if your son or daughter has dance clothing that fits and has to be ‘used up’ before he or she can adhere to the clothing regulations. We ask only that you bear in mind the following when making a new purchase:

Why are clothing regulations necessary?

By stipulating our clothing, our teachers can properly control and correct the students’ posture and muscle usage, which are both hugely important in Classical Ballet. Having uniformity creates a calm overall look in the class, and prepares students for wearing costumes when performing. Just as in sports like hockey or football, a good basis is imperative. The ballet costume must sit well and underwear must not be visible. For Modern Dance we advise students to wear knee protectors during lessons, to prevent injuries that might be sustained in some exercises.


Hair must be out of the face and tied into a neat bun. This enables the teacher to see the shoulders and neckline, thus supporting good posture and making correcting students easier. In certain exercises, (like a pirouette or jump), by having loose hair, a ponytail or plait, you can damage your own eyes or the eyes of those around you in the class. Make sure your hair is done neatly before the lesson begins!


Do not wear large, loose items of jewellery during the lessons! These can also cause damage, either to you or to others, or they can break, which would be a waste.

In the ballet studios: 

You are not allowed to eat in the ballet studios, nor are you allowed to take certain drinks into the studios. Bottles of (sport) water are allowed. Coffee, tea and cordial are available in our chill-room. Tea is always ready and waiting for you. In order to give 100% focus to the students, parents / guardians are not allowed into the ballet studios. Using the television screen in our chill-room, parents / guardians can follow the lesson, live. During our wonderful open-lesson weeks, you are more than welcome to come and experience the lesson from inside the ballet studio, and you can take photos, should you so wish. We’ll let you know when these open-lesson weeks are via our ‘Calendar’.


Below are the clothing regulations per dance-style:

Toddler and Nursery-age Ballet – Girls:

Light pink ballet costume: ‘FBR Dancewear’

Cross over: ‘FBR Dancewear’

Ballet shoes: Light pink canvas material, with a full sole ‘So Danca’

Legwarmers: Light pink ‘FBR Dancewear’

Tights: Pink with feet ‘FBR Dancewear’

Toddler and Nursery-age Ballet – Boys:

A white T-shirt and a tight-fitting pair of black ballet shorts


Classical Ballet – Girls:

Black ballet costume

Cross over

Fitted waistband: A narrow, light pink (fitted) waistband

Ballet shoes: Light pink canvas material, with a full sole ‘So Danca’

Legwarmers: Light pink ‘FBR Dancewear’

Tights: Pink with feet ‘FBR Dancewear’

Classical Ballet – Boys:

Ballet costume

Black shorts

Ballet shoes: Black canvas material


Classical Ballet – Ladies:

Black ballet costume of choice

Cross over of choice

Ballet shoes: Black canvas material with a split sole


Handy tips:

Are you performing on a slippery stage? Then ask for a cloth that has been soaked in Cola to be placed in the coulisse, so that you can rub the soles of your ballet shoes in the Cola. Hole/ladder in your tights? Put transparent nail varnish onto it, so that the hole or ladder can’t rip any further. Stock up on a few pairs of tights before you give a performance! Should you get a hole or ladder during the performance, you’ll always have a spare pair with you. You can wash canvas ballet shoes as soon as they get dirty. Most dancers dance in canvas ballet shoes. The tough material that the shoes are made of gets dirty quickly. Canvas can be cleaned as quickly as it gets dirty. You can leave them to soak in a basin of lukewarm water, with Biotex or another type of washing liquid. You’ll see just how much dirt comes out of them! They can also go into the washing machine. Make sure they don’t go in with red clothing, or else they might come out looking worse than they went in!


Modern dance:

Black, footless tights:

Short, tight, black pants

A black, broad-shouldered tank top with a high back (not in our Fit by Rox
Store range)

Towelling, black socks ‘Footundeezen’

Black knee-protectors


Jazz dance:

A black, broad-shouldered tank top with a high back (not in our Fit by Rox
Store range)

Black Jazz pants (not in our Fit by Rox Store range)

Dance sneakers: ‘Rumpf’


Talent Programme A, B, C and D:

Street Dance/Stage Performance

A black pair of trousers

A black tank top (not in our Fit by Rox Store range)

Black sneakers/pumps with black laces

For Jazz Dance, Classical Ballet and Modern, the clothing regulations, detailed earlier on the page, apply.

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