1. Member subscription to Fit by Rox requires the total completion of a registration form. After this you can participate in the lesson(s) / facilities that you have chosen immediately.

2. There are no administration or registration costs applied to registration. When you register at Fit by Rox, we ask you to pay a one-off cancellation-fee of one month’s membership payment. The cancellation notice required is one month, which is therefore settled at the beginning of your membership. The amount payable for the cancellation-fee month is equal to the monthly payment that you have chosen.

3. Payment occurs via a direct debit. Around the 30 th of every month, the monthly payment for the following month will be taken from the bank account number that you have provided. Cancellations sent before the 20 th of each month will be processed the same month. Cancellations sent after that will be processed the following month. Cancellation must be sent only via email and not via sms, WhatsApp or Facebook. The email address for this is: patrick@fitbyrox.nl. Cancellations are definitive once you have received a confirmation from us (max. 10 working days).

4. If direct debit is unsuccessful, and/or payment is not received, Fit by Rox will be authorised to charge administration costs after the second reminder. In addition, Fit by Rox will be authorised to charge administration costs should the monthly payments be unsuccessful three times within one calendar year. After a notice of default, the proceedings will be out of our hands. All resulting legal costs will be charged.

5. Inability to participate in lessons due to holidays, sickness/accidents, new job, etc. does not negate the responsibility for maintaining monthly payments. Should you be unable to follow lessons any longer due to medical reasons, a doctor’s certificate should always be considered.

6. Payments are non-refundable, are individual, and relate to the lessons and the period of time for which you have registered.

7. Sports lessons that are missed will be postponed to a later day, as so-called ‘recoup-lessons’, in negotiation with the Fit by Rox team. Dance lessons that are missed cannot be ‘caught up on’. There is, however, the opportunity for the individual himself/herself, or one of his/her family members, to participate in a sport groupslesson, (such as Zumba, Pilates, steps etc.), in order to recoup the missed lesson.

8. Mid-term price increase
Quotes are always done based on the prices valid at the time of a quote or project confirmation.
A Dance Union-affiliated (Dansbelang NBDO) school reserves the right to pass on
price increases to the student / client, should price increases occur between the
time that a quote or project confirmation was issued and the moment at which
the execution of an agreement was ended – for example as a result of increases of
rights and / or taxes; prices of resources; salaries, rents and other costs to be
paid to third parties. Should an increase be put in place within three months of the making of the agreement, the third party is entitled to cancel the agreement as of the date on
which the increase comes into place. This final point is not valid, however, if the Dance Union-affiliated (Dansbelang NBDO) school is legally obliged to charge the price increase.

9. In the summer months of July and August, a summer schedule – that differs from the regular schedule – comes into being for several weeks. In school holidays with a duration of one week, no dance lessons will be given; the sports lessons do continue in school holidays. The Fit by Rox fees have been adjusted to take these holidays into account, and the holidays / workshop-periods are to be regarded as discounted in the lesson fees.

10. If you wish to change a day/time/level, you can always contact the Fit by Rox team.

11. Fit by Rox is not to be held responsible for any injuries or wounds and such like. Participation in lessons is at an individual’s own risk.

12. Fit by Rox is not to be held responsible for the loss and/or theft of property during lessons.

13. During lessons you are free to choose your clothing, unless there are special clothing regulations for the chosen lesson. These clothing regulations will be communicated to you at registration.

14. With regards to an unlimited dance subscription, the rule applies that if the student misses a lesson on three consecutive occasions, the right to a place in that lesson is forfeited.

15. By registering you are declaring that you understand and accept the terms and conditions.


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