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Classical ballet | Streetdance | High Heels dance

Afrodance | Dancehall | Jazzdance | Easy Streetdance 

Modern | Jazzdance | Modern-Jazz

Hiphop | Tapdance | Urban Contemporary

Dancing is great! Dancing is healthy! With us, you can dance for recreation or at competition level. From Classical Ballet and Modern to Street Dance, Jazz Dance, Modern Jazz, Dance Fitness, Afro Dance, House Dance en Hip Hop… Feel welcomed as a real dance fan at dance studio Fit by Rox!

All our dance lessons are given by professionals, who want to share their passion. We place high value on pleasure and quality. We offer lessons for both beginners and advanced dancers: dancing for fitness; to keep yourself flexible, or to train for battles.

Lots of people have joined us before you, and are still really enjoying dancing with us. We also offer great lessons in Zumba dance, Pilates, Total Body Workout, Kangoo Jumps and Steps to adults. If you’d like to enjoy moving to music but you find dancing too tricky, then Zumba dance, with Rox, for example, might be just what you’re looking for. These lessons are given in both the mornings and the evenings. You can take part in the lessons whenever you want and you’re not tied to a certain day or time. It’s ideal! Request a free trial lesson! Join in and experience it for yourself! We wish you lots of fun!

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