The Vaganovamethode ballet lessons that we offer to children and adults are both fantastic and successful. They follow the same structure, irrespective of the student’s level.

We begin at the barre, followed by ‘au milieu’ exercises, using the classical specialist terminology that accompanies them, and we end the lesson with jumps, turns and steps. In addition we teach the students to develop their own creativity and musicality, and to adopt and maintain the correct body posture. Pleasure is at the forefront of this instructive lesson, in our professional ballet studio.

In addition, Fit by Rox is affiliated to JUMP, part of the National Ballet. As such the National Ballet sends us information on the latest news and special events, every month. This means we can keep our ballet students up to date about audition days, presentations and performances.

– Recreational or serious – for beginners and advanced students
– Promotes a good posture
– Theatre shows and performances
– Elegant and beautiful

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