Easy Pilates

We also offer ‘Easy Pilates’
What is Easy Pilates?

Easy Pilates is a great foundation lesson in which the five basic principles of Pilates are explained in depth.
Of course the exercises that we’ll do will put this knowledge into practice straight away.

A good knowledge of Pilates makes it easy to then move into the other Pilates lessons offered at Fit by Rox.

All the basic ideas are then easily applicable, so you’ll know that you’re using the correct muscles in an exercise. If necessary we can also look at possible adjustments to an exercise, in the case of physical issues or an injury.

Even the more experienced Pilates student could benefit from this lesson, by once again focussing on the fundamentals of this sport, in which flexibility, strength, stamina, and activating the ‘core’ are always key.
Just like in the other lessons, we’ll ensure adequate variety and the use of materials like the Flexband, mini-stability ball and the large balance-balls.

So take your neighbour, aunt, uncle or mum with you…This is the way to kickstart your Pilates career!

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