We maintain five important elements within our school, irrespective of the dance styles:

Element 1: Technique and quality

We place high value on technique and quality at Fit by Rox. Our teachers have been trained at dance courses and / or dance academies, or have a huge amount of experience in the dance world. In addition, all our teachers regularly attend workshops and dance lessons at renowned dance academies, both in The Netherlands and abroad, in order to continue their self-development, and to stay ‘up to date’ in the fast-moving world of dance. Besides giving dance lessons at the studio, a number of teachers can also be seen in the dance chorus of large musical productions, or they regularly help with television productions.

In our dance lessons, we work on teaching the relevant dance technique, -and the accompanying terminology – per dance style. We also bear the student’s age in mind. For example, in the toddler / nursery-age lessons, we draw on the child’s world of experience. A lot of use is made of imagery and the student is prepared for subsequent lessons in a playful way.

Element 2: Personal attention and a pleasant atmosphere during the lessons.
During the dance lesson we ensure a personal atmosphere, in which a lot of attention is given to the individual. We find it important that the group works well together, thus creating enjoyment and confidence during the lesson. We keep lesson-groups together for as long as possible because we are
convinced that this can help a group to grow in their dance even more.

Element 3: Discipline
We give students clear guidelines. By doing this, they know what is expected of them. They learn quickly – in a pleasant manner – what working in a disciplined way entails. Whilst they need to respect the clothing regulations, maintain their motivation, turn up on time, and have the right self-
expectations, all this is combined with pleasure.

Element 4: Performing

Alongside all the technical exercises, we tackle lots of dance-routines in our lessons, in which the emphasis is on how to present the dance to the public: a proper execution, power, dynamics, rigour and expression are very important. The student benefits from this outside of lessons as well, in his or her daily life. Giving speeches at school becomes (even) easier, and the student’s self confidence improves greatly. We think performing is important and we place a high value on it at Fit by Rox. The students perform several times per year – in dance shows, theatres, and at various events. We help with television productions, commercials and we do background dance-work at various concerts. By doing this we allow the student to build up as much experience as possible in performing in front of the public.

Element 5: Pleasure
Most importantly, we want you to enjoy yourself! We create a lovely, personal atmosphere during the dance lessons. We are very enthusiastic and like to share our passion for sport and dance with the students. We are driven by lots of power, enthusiasm and energy. The enthusiasm is very infectious and helps to provide motivation and a good atmosphere in the dance lesson.

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