Learn ballet on Points during the Points lesson at Fit by Rox in Hilversum.

This beautiful and rather difficult form of dance demands great muscle control, perseverance, balance and strength.

What are points?
Points are a type of ballet shoes, also named point-shoes, with a leather sole and a hardened tip – made from papier-maché and layers of canvas or satin. They were specially developed to allow the ballerina to dance on the tips of her toes (sur les pointes) for longer periods of time. Dancing on points was embodied by the ballerina Anna Pavlova, at the beginning of the 20th century.

What does a Points lesson look like?
We begin the Points lesson with power training, followed by a good stretch. After that we train at the ballet barre and work through various techniques.

Registration for Points lessons
If you’d like to learn to dance on points, it’s important that you also take a weekly lesson in classical ballet. Students from the age of 12 can be considered for the Points lessons at Fit by Rox, once they’ve been given approval by our dance physiotherapist.

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