Pilates is a form of training for body and soul that was developed by the dancer Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the 20 th century, in New York. He opened his own dance school on Broadway in New York and it immediately became a huge success. Dancers like Martha Graham used his exercises. Nowadays, many famous stars and dancers across the globe use Pilates, and this form of training fits right in at Fit by Rox.

You need no experience of dance whatsoever to take part in these wonderful
lessons. Pilates is specifically for everyone.

Do you have a weak back, or other injuries? This form of training is just what you need, to help you recover.

We have Pilates-mats and the range of materials that are used for Pilates. The training varies per lesson, and this ensures great variation and a good challenge in your tailor-made training. Pilates at the Fit by Rox dance and sport studio focuses on training muscles that will support a good posture: the abdominal muscles, back, shoulders and pelvis. The most important goal in Pilates is the development of a strong and flexible body that will move easily and gracefully.

People of all ages can benefit from Pilates: those who are just beginning with training and have never done any sport before, and those who are at the peak of their fitness.

“After ten lessons, you’ll notice the difference; after 20 lessons, you’ll see the difference, and after 30 lessons, you’ll be a totally different person.” – Joseph Pilates

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