STEPS Freestyle

What is Steps? Steps is a form of movement to music (aerobics) in which you use a step (a small, elevated platform). It’s a training that’s suitable for people of all ages.

Because you step onto and off the step intermittently, your legs, buttocks and hips get the biggest amount of training, and your fitness and stamina will also improve. During a Steps lesson, you’ll move to fantastic music, and participants will get to learn some easy choreography (Steps level 1) or more complex choreography (Steps level 2-3), on and around the step.

The platform is quite low, so the muscles and joints aren’t put under too much pressure. (Jumping or skipping is harmful.) The steps are easy. The height of the platform can be adjusted.

Steps at Fit by Rox is an ideal group sports lesson for those working on their posture or figure, and for those wanting to lose a few kilos. It’s the ultimate fat- burner! Of course it’s a really great workout, in which a high value is once again placed on having fun.

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