This sporty lesson is an easy and effective training for thewhole body. We pay attention to improving your fitness, agility and strength. It’s an ideal workout for the legs,buttocks and stomach.

The beginning of the lesson is typified by cardio training, and after that weights, Dyna-bands, balls and lots of other pieces of training equipment are used. Every lesson is different. Within a few weeks, you’ll improve your agility, strength, speed and stamina.

You don’t need to be an experiences sportsperson to follow these lessons. The beginner can easily participate in the Total Body Workout lesson, using all sorts of options. It’s a great, enjoyable lesson for everyone! You can make it as easy or as hard as you want to. Join in and experience it for yourself!

Why Total Body Workout:

  • You’ll improve your fitness and stamina
  • You’ll burn lots of calories
  • You’ll shape your body
  • You’ll increase your heart- and lung capacity
  • You’ll develop strength
  • You’ll strengthen your bones
  • It’s healthy


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