For our youth members, aged thirteen to seventeen, we offer the following fabulous, educational and cool dance lessons: Hiphop, Modern, Tapdance, Showdance, Dancehall, Afrodance, Streetdance, Breakdance, Modern-Jazz, Boys’ Hiphop, Jazzdance, selection trainings and competition training (demo groups).

Whether it’s recreational or a pre-college foundation course for a dance academy or a dance-related degree, everyone is welcome.

All our dance lessons are given by professionals, who want to share their passion for dance with motivated students. From beginners to advanced students, everyone is warmly welcomed at the Fit by Rox dance studio, irrespective of your dance experience. Klik hier Click here for our vision.

Every year we give spectacular street and theatre shows and demonstrations, both at the dance studio and at various events.

We are also asked to work on a variety of shows and projects by companies and television productions (should the student wish to participate).

It’s just really great fun, and very cool!

Fit by Rox holds a dance union-affiliated (Dansbelang NBDO) certificate / stamp, with merit, as a ‘recognised school of dance and ballet’.

The stamp of approval was awarded by ‘Dansbelang’, following an inspection at the Fit by Rox studios. They also looked at the teacher team; the quality of and the expertise displayed in the dance and ballet classes; the whole lesson schedule, and safety.

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