Gorgeous, sweet and – above all – instructive. Our ballet lessons for nursery-aged children prepare the youngsters for Classical Ballet, using the ‘Vaganova method’. You have a teacher who’s both great at her job and lovely; a pink ballet costume, and you can dance to wonderful ballet music together with all the other children. Being a real ballerina, in a playful way. What else could a small child want?

It’s important to mention that there are various instructive moments, in which the development of feeling and thinking can be progressed. That is a good combination of coordination, creativity, musicality, rhythm, motor-skills and social formation. The lesson methodology (Vaganova) is a base for the Classical Ballet lessons at the Fit by Rox dance studio.

For the parents / guardians it is also instructive. During the dance lesson, children are supposed to enter the dance area on their own, thus leaving their parents / guardians, but knowing that Mum or Dad is close at hand.

Fit by Rox has a warm and welcoming lounge area where there is a cup of tea or coffee waiting for parents / guardians, so they can segregate themselves from the children. Parents / guardians should not be visible, so that the children cannot be distracted. Parents / guardians can spend the duration of the lesson chatting about various topics; reading, or watching the children’s lesson live on the t.v. screen.

‘Instructive moments for both mother and child’, according to Roxanne Cools (owner of the Fit by Rox dance studio).

These lovely lessons are given several times per week. (zie lesrooster). If you have any questions or suggestions about these wonderful, educational dance-lessons for toddlers and nursery-aged children, please contact Roxanne Cools on: 035-544 52 90, or mail:

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