Toddler dance

From the age of two and a half, the youngest of dancers and ballerinas can take part a real dance lesson.

Using playful techniques during our wonderful, endearing and – above all – educational ‘Pamper dance’ and ‘Toddler ballet’ sessions, children work on their:
• Coordination
• Motor skills
• Musicality
• Creativity
• Rhythm
• Social skills
• Development of feeling and thought

It’s also worth noting that:
• the toddler dance lessons are very good for their development
• they provide children with a solid base for all the dance lessons that we can then offer them from the age of four, and the benefits gained from the lessons will also be visible at primary school
• they are put together by qualified dance teachers and pedagogical instructors
• there’s a lot of personal attention given to individuals during the lessons
• a lesson lasts 30 minutes, due to young children’s relatively short concentration spans.

It’s also educational for parents / guardians. During the lesson, it’s expected that the children enter the dance space on their own. This separates them from their parents / guardians, but they know that Mum, Dad, Grandma or Grandad is always close by. Fit by Rox has a welcoming chill room, where a cup of tea or coffee is always waiting for parents / guardians whilst their children are in the lesson. From the chill room, you can watch the children in their dance lesson (on a screen).

‘Every dance lesson at the Fit by Rox dance studio is great, and you always feel really welcome!’ – according to the proud parents of some enthusiastic students.

We offer our fabulous toddler dance lessons nearly every day. If you have any questions or suggestions about these wonderful, educational dance lessons, or if you’d like to request a trial lesson, please click here.


Fit by Rox is a well-known concept, within the Gooi region and beyond. It holds a Dance Union-affiliated (Dansbelang NBDO) certificate / statement, with merit, as a ‘recognised school of dance and ballet’.

The stamp of approval was awarded by the dance union organisation ‘Dansbelang’, following an inspection at the Fit by Rox studios. They also looked at the teacher team; the quality of and the expertise displayed in the dance and ballet classes; the entire lesson schedule, and the level of safety at the dance school.


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