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From Wednesday 8th January 2020 Fit by Rox will be offering an absolutely brilliant weekly dance lesson for dance fans with special needs: ‘Streetdance Up & Down’. This 45-minute lesson will start at 4.30 pm. Fans of dance with ‘different abilities’, aged 8 and upwards, will be welcome.
Here’s a beautiful, touching story from a mother:
Lieveke (cognitively and physically disabled) is crazy about dance. K3 and the latest dance-hits have been blaring out of her bedroom stereo for years. In the car, she loves singing and dancing along to all the hits on SLAM! FM.
Of course Lieveke goes left when everyone else goes right, and she’s the one who’ll spin round just when everyone has to be still. But, and most importantly, she’s in seventh heaven!
Lieveke enjoys dance so much that she lives it in every cell of her body; it is so pure. How wonderful to know that she’ll be able to follow dance lessons in her hometown, Hilversum! We’re delighted!
The setting allows people with disabilities to feel accepted…dancing with ‘neurotypical’ children at a real show, on a real stage.
It doesn’t get any more magical, for the mother of a child with ‘different abilities’…Being able to use your talent, having fun and daring to ignore any obstacles.
All too often you’re the exception, but so much is possible when we work together.
This is the pinnacle of freedom for a child with special needs. It brings tears to my eyes. Just having the opportunity to join in, and shine among neurotypical children.
I have so much respect for the dance teacher who’s going to make this happen, who’ll show my daughter the wealth of possibilities, namely: SHE can be there!
And the other children at Fit by Rox will have the opportunity to learn something special too. Lieveke will learn from them and they will definitely learn from her: her beaming face will show that being different does not need to be negative. An inclusive society, truly intertwined for both the neurotypical and neurodiverse child.
Show your potential, enjoy and DANCE with ‘Streetdance Up & Down’!

Research by Gent University:
Does your child with ‘special needs’ love dancing through the living room? Or can he or she not stop moving to music? If so, it would definitely be worth your while to pop into the dance school at some stage.
Dancing is not only fun for children with special needs, it’s really beneficial. When Gent University conducted research on parents of children with special needs and some professional dance teachers, various benefits were shown to come to the fore:
The five most important are listed here:
1. Groups feeling
The advantage of dancing at a dance school or dance club is that your child becomes part of a group. It’s really important that he or she is integrated into a group, and that in itself can bring about a feeling of pleasure and reward. This can then be fortified if the group starts working towards a show or performance. The children learn to dance together.
2. Social contact
During dance lessons children don’t just learn to dance, they also expand their social abilities. In the research, parents spoke about their children having more patience and behaving better. These parents also saw their children grow in the way they interacted with other children.
3. More self aware
Dancing provides children with the feeling that they can do something. This is important, as it makes the child more self aware. The parents involved in the research saw their children blossom in the dance lesson, because they felt more independent and free. One father said that he sees his son go through a metamorphosis whenever he steps into a dance studio: “He feels a head taller, as it were.”
4. Improvement in motor skills
Children with disabilities tend to move less often and therefore have to be challenged a bit more. Dance teachers see dance as an ideal way to address this, specifically as dance improves a number of motor skills, such as balance and the ability to orientate oneself. One parent said that the lesson had enabled her child to differentiate between left and right.
5. Enhanced learning and memory
The dance teachers who work with neurodiverse children also saw an improvement in their cognitive development, specifically in learning and memory skills. Imitation is very important in a child’s development and that is precisely what they do the whole time with dance. Memorising the steps and making the links between all subsequent moves contribute to enhanced learning, according to the professionals.
Source: Universiteit Gent
Has this aroused your enthusiasm?
Would you like to request a trial lesson, or would you like more information about the Streetdance Up & Down lesson?
Then get in touch with Roxanne Cools at Fit by Rox.
Send an email to info@fitbyrox.nl.
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